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Yes, I blocked people on Facebook; generally using the "3 Strikes You're Out Rule".
Except for Judith Karmana & Grace Knuth; who were immediately blocked.
Waking up in a good mood and seeing a Facebook request in my InBox
viciously flipping me off or pointing a loaded gun at my face, is unacceptable!
I'm not intimidated in the least.
It just makes you, look like a band of thugs!
Not everybody is going to like everything.  I respect Freedom of Speech.
However!  I don't respect or tolerate people who are in MY environment and cause trouble.
If you want to play nice with others, you are welcome in my world.
If not - scroll on by and have a nice day!
If you trash me or others, you're out.
If you want me to speak kindly of you;
perhaps you should be on your best behavior.


I had to stop & ask myself...
What kind of a person would take the time to create a Facebook account
like Judith Karmana & Grace Knuth's?
What kind of a person would find and add vicious, threatening photos like the ones above.
Hunt me & Henry down and push the button to send us requests.
Is that person the kind who would take it the next step and actually pull a trigger?
Answer:  A mentally ill, sick mind, filled with so much hate & rage clearly focused on me.
And then, that person portrays themselves as victims.
I always wonder if hate speech,
gang style behavior & character assassination
of a complete stranger
is what these people teach their children.

Let's notify their employers & see what they think.

Best check your own morals, Lori Beringer-Freeze
before you condemn mine.
I told everybody I needed a break,
but you just wouldn't grant me a little time.

No, I've not snapped.
I've just maintained my nice
longer than some of these folks deserve.

It's that moment when you work hard to achieve something
and a procrastinator with Heterochromia Iridum
who has never achieved anything...
does his best to claim what is mine, as his bright idea.

Frizzy Hair and the
Ugliest Shoes I've Ever Seen

Wrong Amount.  Wrong Contacts.

This blocked idiot & her gang of thugs can't see the facts,
so she just makes shit up & hurts our homeless students
on purpose.
WOW, Karen...  WOW!
Anybody else want to mess with me?

I'm no longer putting up with bad behavior
in the name of taking the high road.

© 2016  Mary Margaret De Shon